Why Organic

What is Organic?

All natural refers to no additives and is based on testimony of the producer. Organic means the product comes from at least 90% organic ingredients, but 100% organic means 100% of the ingredients are organic. Animals that are certified organic must come from animals that the parents were certified raised organic and raised from birth on organic land. They must be fed organic crops. The land can not have been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers for a minimum of 3 years prior to certification. No animal bi products may be fed to animals. No genetic engineered (GMOS) may be used in feed or the animals. The product to be certified must be documented from birth to purchaser for traceability and verification. Antibiotics can not be used in organic meat.

Benefits of Organic

A recent study into organic vs. non organic foods showed that by adhering to a strickly organic food program any traces of herbicides will disappear from a childs body in 5 days. The controlled study had children eat non organic food and traces of herbicides showed up in the blood stream. They were then put on an all organic program for 5 days and the herbicide traces disappeared. They then went back on a non organic program and the traces of herbicides reappeared.

An additional benefit of organic is that all animals Certified Organic are not permitted to have GMO's in their feed. Also of interest organically grown animals will never be cloned. This is one of the rules to producing certified organic meats.

Sources of Organic

All of our animals are free ranged and pasture raised. Our Bison and Beef all roam on thousands of acres. All of our 100% organic feed is grown on the same farms that we raise the animals.

The following organizations under USDA rules certify Blackwing products: Beef: CCOF & MOSA. Bison:CCOF, OCIA & MOSA Chicken & other poultry: Iowa Dept. of Ag, Mosa, Pa. Dept of Ag.& OCIA. Pork: Mosa & Iowa Dept of Ag. All are processed under USDA organic supervision.