Blackwing Retail Merchandising Program

What You Receive:

A stand alone freezer 48"x23"x34" WT. 150 lbs on casters. Holds 14 SKU's. 2 plus cases of product per compartment. Consumer flyers are provided at no extra cost and may be placed in holders that attach to either side of the freezer. There are full color graphics on the front and both sides of the freezer.

Plan A Purchase:

The cost of the freezer is $995.00. When purchasing our products directly from Blackwing, we will credit you 5% on each order placed. This will continue until you reach $400.00. When purchasing our products through a Distributor, you must send us a copy of your paid invoice for Blackwing products and we will refund you 3% of those invoices.

Customer may choose from 82 items (mix and match) off of the following products:

  • 12 Buffalo Products
  • 9 Organic Beef Products
  • 8 Organic Chicken Products
  • 3 Venison and 11 Elk Products
  • 2 Antelope and 2 Goat
  • 13 Organic Pork Products
  • 2 Ostrich & 1 Lamb Product
  • 2 Organic Turkey Products
  • 16 Wild Boar Products
  • 4 Marinades


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Retail Merchandising Program

Added Services:

  • A marinade or sauce rack is available at no cost when ordering 2 cases with a start up order. It attaches to the top back section of the freezer and is a wonderful add on sale to our proteins.
  • The Blackwing Customer Service Department can call your store on an established schedule to obtain refill orders.
  • Blackwing will provide POS materials on our products as needed.

Choose from a wide variety of Blackwing Food Service and Retail ready products

  • Consumer product flyers provided at no extra cost
  • Schedule periodic sales followup for refill orders
  • Call Toll Free (800) 326 7874 to receive full program details!

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