The Pearl of the Ostrich (8 oz)

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An extraordinarily tender filet that is ready for your skillet or grill, 5.5 oz. in size and individually vacuum packed for freshness and for extended life in your freezer. 2 per package.
Searing locks in the natural juices and moisture.Grilling: Coat meat with oil or butter before placing on grill. Place on Grill for 30 seconds, lift off grill and replace. Cook for 2 minutes and repeat procedure on the other side. Finish 1-3 additional minutes to satisfy your favorite preparation. We suggest med-rare to rare but never beyond bright pink.

Pan sear: Skillet cooking. This is my favorite because it's fast and a year round technique. Put burner at 6-8 on a 1-10 available selection. Heat pan and either insert sweet butter or virgin olive oil into pan or melt and pour/rub into meat. Place steaks or burgers into pan for 15-20 seconds and lift to prevent sticking and to achieve a seared surface. This locks in the juices and moisture. Cook for 2 mins. and turn steak or burger over. Repeat procedure but only cook steaks for 1-2 more mins. and burger for 1 min. The meat will contunue to cook when you take it off of the skillet, so never cook beyond bright pink.

Oven bake: This is Beth's favorite method; she usually sears both sides of the meat first on a skillet at its highest level and then bakes in the oven for (Filets) 3-4 mins at 300 degrees.
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