Suzie's CBD Drops for Dogs 500mg (2oz Bottle)

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500mg Suzie's CBD Tinctures help to promote:

Overall pet health and wellness
Increased vitality
Optimal heath
Antioxidant support
Calming effects
Relief from Anxiety (situational- car rides, vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks, nail trims, grooming)
Neurological support

Suzie's 500mg strength oil is ideal for:

Large breed dogs
Multiple dog households
Chronic Issues

**Please note that the 500mg strength is the same potency as the 250mg strength. The 500mg is a 2 ounce bottle and the 250mg is a 1 ounce bottle.

Ingredients: Organic safflower oil and organic full spectrum CBD Oil which includes secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. *Research shows that whole plant CBD products are more therapeutically beneficial than single molecule isolated CBD products.

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