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Bison Tenderloins 10/8oz *VALUE* (10 - 8 oz.)

Product 6009-8-10

Product # 6009-8-10

Enjoy our 8 oz. Bison Tenderloin the most tender of all Bison cuts at our best value price! 10 - 8 oz. steaks in a 5# case.

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$ 164.46 (5.00 lbs)



Organic Beef Philly Steak Sandwich

Servings: 2

Cooking Time: 30 seconds

Difficulty: easy

Meal: lunch

  • Olive Oil or Organic Unsalted Sweet Butter
  • Philly Meat
  • Sliced Onions
  • Sliced Green, Red, & Yellow Peppers
  • Mozzarella Cheese

Preparation: Thaw
Cooking: In a skillet, heat olive oil or organic sweet butter on high heat. Sear the Philly steak for 30 seconds on each side. For added taste, saute in onions, green, red and yellow peppers. When finished, add cheese to the top, letting the heat from the meat and sauteed vegetables melt it. *Optional toppings: olives, cut celery.
Serving: Add to your bun and enjoy!


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