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Our BAP 4 Star Certified Wholey Shrimp

Wholey prides itself in offering the best quality shrimp available through extensive sustainable practices.

  • Hatcheries, feed mills, farms, & factory are BAP certified. This puts our shrimp in an elite class as its one of the few companies procuring from South East Asia to have BAP 4 STAR certification partners.
  • We ensure all raw procured materials are sourced responsibly from farms that use the best sustainable practices during the entire growth to harvest cycle.
  • Stringent Quality Control measures at both farm & factory level by implementing an ELISA testing program to ensure no use of any banned antibiotics/substances in any of its raw material.
  • (The purpose of an ELISA is to determine if a particular protein is present in a sample and if so, how much. There are two main variations on this method: you can determine how much antibody is in a sample, or you can determine how much protein is bound by an antibody. The distinction is whether you are trying to quantify an antibody or some other protein)

  • Our farms and processors all work closely with several NGOs such as IDH, WWF, & ASC to create better sustainability for aquaculture, and responsible social & labor practices in Asia.
  • (NGO: A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local, national or international level)

  • Ongoing annual social audits for its workers & staff with the objective to ensure high levels of employee satisfaction & morale.
  • Wholey's partners operate a privately owned temperature controlled fleet for transportation of its raw & final material throughout the entire chain of custody.
  • Our cooked product has adopted the "FCC" (Force Convection Cooking) technology vs. conventional steam & water cooking technology.
  • Benefits of FCC include:
    • Enhanced flavor.
    • Enhanced texture.
    • Better color.
    • Improved overall composition.
  • We use rainfall impingement chilling technology that rapidly arrests the cooking process (at its optimal temperature) which prevents over-cooking & avoids bacterial formation.
  • Freezing & temperature control measures include:
    • Ensuring proper icing at all stages of production
    • Controlled optimal freezing using the best available technology which prevents dehydration and freezer burn.
    • Strictly uses 'Corrugated Containers' for shipment to further avoid dehydration & freezer burn.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: TPC levels (Total Plate Count) are far below industry standards.

    Standard acceptable industry TPC levels:

    • Cooked Shrimp: < 100,000 CFU
    • Raw Shrimp: < 500,000 CFU

    Our standard TPC levels:

    • Cooked Shrimp: ~ 10,000 CFU.
    • Raw Shrimp: ~ 50,000 CFU.
  • Traceability Standards:

    • Organoleptic sampling at 30 minute intervals during a production shift. (Organioleptic: being, affecting, or relating to qualities (as taste, color, odor, and feel) of a substance that stimulate the sense organs)
    • Online & offline Q.C/Q.A with immediate system updates which is available to customers.
    • Lot wise traceability control over the entire supply chain from farm to fork
    • Container & P.O. wise traceability reports available for the life of the product.
    • In house state-of-the-art laboratory for all tests & sampling prior to shipping.