The Mind Gut Connection

The Mind Gut Connection

Did you know there is mounting evidence that suggests there is direct communication between your gut and your brain.

Inside your gut, microbes support a healthy immune system, create nutrients, provide defense against infections and produce chemicals important to brain function.  

Recently, researchers have uncovered evidence that suggests there is direct communication between your gut and your brain.   Essentially a large nerve connects your digestive tract to the brain. Through this nerve, bacteria created in the gut can be carried to your brain via the bloodstream.  It’s an extremely complex system that researchers are desperately trying to figure out.

Studies related to this gut-brain connection discovered people with gastrointestinal disorders have higher-than-average rates of bipolar disorder,  schizophrenia, autism and depression. “Scientists have noted that gut problems and mental health disorders often coincide.”  

How does this impact you?  Your diet can directly affect your mental state.  “Doctors that treat diabetes or heart disease have already come around to understanding that diet is an important factor.  The brain is a physical organ and it plays by a lot of the same rules, but rarely does a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist talk to patients about what they eat."

So what’s the solution?  A lot more research is needed however, scientists are hopeful that a better understanding of this gut-brain connection will lead to treatments of psychiatric and behavioral disorders with dietary changes and supplements as opposed to prescribing medication.

Replacing beef in your diet with organic bison will promote a healthy gut.  Organic bison is a nutritious meat lower in fat than beef and lower in cholesterol than chicken.  Organic bison is packed with Vitamin B which supports healthy skin, eyes, hair, liver and your nervous system.  This meat also has high levels of iron which is important for forming red blood cells to bring oxygen throughout your body.  On top of all that, organic bison meat has no GMO’s! All organic bison is raised by ranchers in open fields and feed on certified organic grass that’s pesticide free.  Soy, grains and hormones are never fed to organic bison.