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Eating Healthy To Support Your Immune Health

Eating Healthy To Support Your Immune Health

Eating Healthy To Support Your Immune Health

Immune health is supported through developing healthy habits that start with healthy eating. With the growing concern over infectious diseases like COVID-19, we believe that mastering organics and understanding what is in the food we eat is important to boosting immunity and fighting off infection. 

Research shows that 90% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients suffered from other underlying health risks such as high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure. All of these underlying risks can be combated with eating healthy foods and avoiding processed foods. This means choosing leaner meats with low saturated fats such as elk, ostrich, and bison.  Regular exercise and physical activity will help increase weight loss and improve immune function. 

Blackwing meats is dedicated to providing our customers with the healthiest local meats possible. Our meats are nutrient dense, contain zero antibiotics or growth hormones, and the animals graze on pesticide-free pastures. Removing all of these harmful chemicals from our products is better for your immune system and gut health.

The main benefit to eating meat without chemicals is it will lower the body's antibiotic resistance over time.  For some, this means that when they actually need medicine, their body will accept the antibiotics without a fight. Doctors have found during the pandemic that patients with high levels of antibiotic resistance are having a hard time recovering from COVID-19 due to the high levels of antibiotics affecting the patients’ immune system and recovery time.

At Blackwing, we believe that health and wellness should be looked at as a whole. Effective digestion and improved health is a result of physically moving the body paired with food that is good for you. This is why we recommend swapping out meats with high levels of saturated fat to a leaner cut, getting enough sleep, as well as incorporating more exercise such as a walk after a meal to help reduce various health risks.

Healthy meats to boost your immune system

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