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Blackwing stands as a leading provider of wholesome red meats, game meats, and poultry in North America, catering to consumers, retailers, and the food service sector. Established in 1996, Blackwing's mission has revolved around offering organic and all-natural meats to health-conscious individuals across the nation.

Owned by husband and wife team Roger Gerber and Beth Kaplan, Blackwing distributes its products to retail establishments across the United States and supplies numerous food service operations. With a procurement strategy that involves direct sourcing from growers nationwide and maintaining their own herds, Blackwing ensures the integrity of its supply chain. Notably, all animals sourced by Blackwing are free from GMOs and never exposed to chemically treated pastures.

Consumers now have access to a range of nutritious and flavorful meats that are also low in calories, fat, and cholesterol. As the foremost supplier of nutritious meats in the nation, Blackwing is committed to delivering consistently high-quality products that are free from antibiotics and hormones at competitive prices.

In 2016, Blackwing opened Old Mill Creek Country Store to service the greater Lake County, IL community in its needs for healthier food offerings. Old Mill Creek Country Store now offers everything from fresh organic produce to organic coffee and we cut and sell fresh organic and specialty meats 365 days a year. Blackwing now offers many of these organic and gluten free products to our internet customers as well as our health store and food service accounts nationwide. Watch this portion of our business grow as we source safe/healthy foods that we can deliver to our health conscious customers nationwide.