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Org Pork Applewood Smoked Bacon (8 oz.)

Product # 1270

Organic Berkshire Pork Applewood Smoked Bacon. This bacon has gotten many rave reviews!

was $ 6.87 now $ 4.99 (0.50 lbs)

Organic Pork Uncured Sliced Bacon (8 oz Package)

Product # 1240

We start with organic Berkshire pork bellies and then marinate with sea salt, organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown sugar, organic cinnamon and a touch of organic clove to create the prefect bacon with no MSG, no nitrites or nitrates and of course no antibiotics or added hormones.

was $ 6.87 now $ 4.99 (0.50 lbs)

Bison Tenderloin (8oz)

Product # 6009-8

An 8 oz. filet mignon made from grass fed organic buffalo. A favorite of five star chefs and the most tender of all Bison cuts. Always deliciously juicy and tender.

was $ 17.47 now $ 12.90 (0.50 lbs)

Bison Tenderloin (6oz)

Product # 6009-6

A 6 oz. filet mignon. A favorite of five star chefs and the most tender of all Bison cuts. Always deliciously juicy and tender.

was $ 13.36 now $ 9.90 (0.38 lbs)

Organic Whole Chicken (4-4.5 lbs.)

Product # 8000

100% Certified Organic & Free Ranged Chicken By Blackwing. In keeping with the highest standards of the health food industry, Blackwing introduces a no hormone, antibiotic free chicken that is fed organic feed with plenty of space to qualify as free ranged chicken. Our all natural diet of organic soy beans & corn have no animal by-products to endanger your health. You will discover a delicious taste difference that separates Blackwing from all the others. Blackwing Whole Chicken: stress free, antibiotic free, and hormone free 4 lb. to 4.5 lb. in size

was $ 20.43 now $ 17.97 (4.50 lbs)

Elk Pub Burgers (2-6 oz patties)

Product # 7159

Try and enjoy our new Elk Pub Burgers! 2 - 6 oz patties 1.5" thick by 3.65" in diameter

was $ 6.19 now $ 5.90 (0.75 lbs)

Ostrich Patties 4/4 oz (4/4 oz)

Product # 2004-4-1

Flavorful 1/4lb patties 4 patties in a vacuum sealed package. A splash of olive oil keeps them moist and from sticking to the pan. Garlic and pepper lets the flavors explode

was $ 15.00 now $ 13.49 (1.00 lbs)

Elk Soup Bone (1 bone)

Product # 7565

Shipped frozen & individually vacuum packed for both freshness and cleanliness. The are approximately 7-9" long and weighs about 9-14 oz.

was $ 2.49 now $ 1.89 (0.75 lbs)