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Certified All Natural French Cut Lamb Racks (1 Pkg OF 2 RACKS)

Product # 7050-2

New Zealand's finest french cut rack of lamb. Guaranteed all natural, tender and delicious lamb that is free ranged and free of antibiotics, no growth hormones, never fed animal by-products or gains. Grazed on rich grass lands of New Zealand and imported and cut to Blackwing's specifications. 2 Racks per package; each rack is 14 to 16 oz. of luscious flavor.

was $ 35.87 now $ 32.40 (2.00 lbs)

Ostrich Stew/Kabobs (8 oz.)

Product # 2017

The healthiest stew you will ever make. Extremely lean chunks are full of flavor and make a wonderful addition to a stew. Placed in a crock pot and slow cooked with your favorite vegetables; You just can't eat healthier.


was $ 11.90 now $ 10.90 (0.50 lbs)

Chevon Goat Ground Meat (1lb.)

Product # 2220

Ground meat was created for those who wish to use for pastas, meatloaves, or just a burger.

was $ 9.07 now $ 8.16 (1.00 lbs)

WB Boneless Chops 2/6oz (2-6oz)

Product # 5114

2-6oz boneless chops have a sweet nutty flavor that only wild boar can produce. No hormones or antibiotics. Vacuum packed for freshness and always shipped frozen. Grill them, broil or cook on skillet. Add Beth's executive chef marinade and you'll win an culinary award, however; salt, pepper & a splash of garlic makes them wonderful.

was $ 13.77 now $ 12.47 (0.75 lbs)

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