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Muscovy Duck

Blackwing Muscovy Duck

Blackwing proudly introduces Muscovy Duck to North American consumers. And as with all Blackwing meats, it is hormone and anti-biotic free. The finished product is an incredibly flavorful and healthy tender meat.

We hope you will try this incredible healthy duck which has received acclaim by some of our nation's 5 star chefs.

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Product # 8750 (1.6-1.95 lb)

Roasting goose breast is a common practice by many french chefs. A richer flavor than turkey but an enormous...
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$ 6.75 (1.80 lbs)


Product # 8600 (4-5 lbs)

Lean, healthy meat from USDA Grade A Duck. Never ever antibiotics or hormones administered and always humanely...
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$ 53.65 (5.00 lbs)


Product # 8602 (5.5 to 6 lbs)

Also known as Long Island duck. The most common duck served in the U.S. Originally bred from the Chinese mallard...
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was $ 29.70 now
$ 24.00 (6.00 lbs)