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Beth's Marinades

Many Years ago Beth created some unique and wonderful marinade/sauces to further enrich the flavor of our many lean and healthy meats for both our family gatherings and special occasions. Everyone begged us to bottle them and make them available for their personal use. We finally gave in to the pressure and now offer this great recipe for everyone to enjoy "the ultimate marinades". Each is made using only the finest all-natural ingredients with no MSG, no preservatives and always Gluten free. We don't add water to dilute them . Our meats are wonderful but her marinades make them incredible.

Marinades are liquid flavor enhancers or even tenderizers and usually used to make tougher meats tender but in our case they are used to make our customers "Top Chefs" and worthy of continuous praise.

Always refrigerate after opening.


Product # 1012 (12oz Bottle)

Looking to add a 5 star chef flavor to your meat, poultry or fish? Our Executive Chef Signature sauce works...
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$ 6.47 (0.75 lbs)


Product # 1013 ( 12oz bottle)

New - Gluten free marinade & dipping sauce created for poultry & fish. Add a sweet elegant flavor to any poultry...
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$ 6.47 (0.75 lbs)