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Chevon Goat


Chevon Goat meat is a delicious and nutritious meat product that many Americans have not experienced. Chevon is high in protein and is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken, beef, pork, or lamb; therefore, it's a great choice for those who are health-conscious. Best of all, the flavor is wonderful. Chevon is becoming more and more popular in America and is being made more readily available to consumers.


Product # 2220 (1lb.)

Ground meat was created for those who wish to use for pastas, meatloaves, or just a burger.
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$ 9.07 (1.00 lbs)


Product # 2222 (4-4 oz )

Many of our wonderful supporters have asked us if we could carry some all natural, hormone & antibiotic free...
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$ 9.37 (1.00 lbs)


Product # 2222-10 (10 Lbs.)

In keeping with our policy of selling at the lowest wholesale prices; we are offering 10 packages of 4-4 oz...
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$ 90.77 (10.00 lbs)